Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A quick note about super-daddy

Okay, I have a ton of posting catch-up to do...but I need to go to bed soon, so I just wanted to post really quickly about the wonder that is super-daddy. I went to San Francisco this past weekend (more on that later). So, Ben was going to have the kids all weekend, by himself. Now, keep in mind that up until 8 months ago (at my sister-in-law's baby shower, I had Noah with me) Ben took Emma and Caleb by himself to the beach to ride their scooters and play on the playground. That was the first time he had ever taken the kids anywhere by himself. And I am not really sure that he has done it since then! But, he was more than willing to let me go away. So, he calls me Saturday to ask casually, "What size diaper does Noah wear?" I say, "Five...why?"
Then he proceeds to tell me that they:
1. Went to The Point (the beach promenade) to go jogging. Ben had Noah in the backpack as he walked (quickly!), and Emma and Caleb jogged. For a good 1/2 hr or so!!
2. They went to Target to get diapers and trash bags.
3. They went to the Mall to try and find running shoes for Caleb...no luck.
4. They tried Mervyn's just in case, no luck there either.
5. They went to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things.
When he was in Trader Joe's he probably gave an older couple a heart attack since they gave him the usual line,
"Oh, you have your hands FULL!"
And he responded,
"Yep, it's just about time for number four."
So there, I am so thankful and amazed at my husband. Yeah! I knew it!
P.S. Tons more later, but I did end up coming home early from my trip.


sarahgrace said...

Wow! He is super-daddy!

They always end up surprising us, don't they?

lnstryker said...

size 5???? good grief what are you feeding that boy? Quinn is still in 3's and the occasional 4

Rebecca said...

Whoa. . . Dude. . .