Friday, November 30, 2007

The hair

She is only four, and it's already begun. Emma's really been wanting me to curl her hair. Well, 99 cents only had some rollers. So, I got them, and Emma stuck it out through the combing through, the rolling up, and EVEN the sleeping on them (which was a shocker). But, you gotta admit, it is adorable...(Poor Ben wouldn't get to see, so I promised I would take pictures as soon as I took the rollers out)


ATSmith said...

Oh my gosh! Adorable! Did they have any hair straighteners there too? Sage is always wanting straight hair!

Christine H. said...

Too cute!
I've been curling Amber's hair about once a month with the curling iron for a year now. I'd do it more, but who has the time!