Sunday, November 04, 2007

Peter Parker

Caleb and Emma were allowed to wear their costumes to gymnastics.

Me: Come on Spiderman, let's go!

Caleb: I'm Peter Parker, I don't have my mask on.

Me: You're what? (I am thinking, I must have heard him wrong...neither of my kids have seen Spiderman the movie...)

Caleb: I'm Peter Parker, I got bit by a radioactive spider.

(It then occured to me, that we have 4 Spiderman books that I had gotten at the 99 cents only store. So, yeah...that's where he must have gotten it!)


Christine H. said...

Yeah, I was starting to wonder what you let your kids watch! Ha HA!! LOL Kids are so cute, especially yours.

rebecca said...

Well, he knows more about it than Jonah, who HAS seen the movies!