Monday, November 30, 2015


It's dark here in NY, but Elijah and I made it safe and sound.  The last trip was difficult in so many ways that I almost had to push myself to return. But of course, I knew I would get Elijah here, no matter what.
Well. Listen to this. Not only were the flight attendants SO kind to me, one of them in particular even held Elijah so I could go potty and was just particularly friendly with Elijah. She told me about this delicious soup at a Greek restaurant in the Chicago/Midway airport. I, however, only had 20 minutes until my next flight was boarding so I knew I wouldn't have time to get any food. I was really hungry! But I just figured we would forge ahead until getting to RMH.
Well. After a few minutes in my seat on the second flight, as other passengers were boarding, that flight attendant came and brought a cup of soup that she purchased to go, and found me on my second flight and brought it to me. I cried like a baby as I felt so overwhelmed by this generous kindness. And truly, I recognized it as the Lord's provision!

Well.  A friend of mine here in NY has been so kind as to store a stroller for me so I don't have to lug one back and forth. Not only did he keep it for me, but he walked it right on down and delivered it to the RMH for me!!! I also recognized this as the Lord's provision, because I was so wiped out from the travel today, and it just a felt like an extra special kindness.

And to top it all off.  I normally write letters to each of the kids when I go somewhere. Even if it's just for the day, or what not.  I try to encourage them and assure them of how much I love them.  But this trip, we had so much going on that I just wasn't able to write letters.  I was so sad about this. Well. They all wrote letters for me!!!! Just as I was getting ready to lay my head down tonight, I read each letter, and all I can say Thank you, Lord, for these amazing people. Thank you, Father in heaven, that you frequently choose to show your love by using the willing hands of your people.  Thank you for those hearts who joyfully accept your invitation to be a messenger of love.  This day was long and had hard moments....but it was all eclipsed by your lovingkindness. Your Word says that your lovingkindness is better than life.  Thank you for a taste of it.

Goodnight all! It's early to bed and early to rise for Elijah's appointment tomorrow!

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