Sunday, November 29, 2015

'Twas the Night Before a Trip....

And all through the halls,
All the creatures were stirring,
Shaking ceilings and walls.

Mommy was packing 
And checking her list
To make sure nothing was left amiss.

The house looked as if a tornado had hit
With crumbs on the floor
And nowhere left to sit.

The kids were happily playing a game
Pretending to fly to NY on a plane

Southwest was their airline of choice, of course
For they had heard stories from a reliable source

Tears streamed quietly from momma's eyes
She hated the part where they all said goodbye 

But their sweet little baby needed specialty care
There's a reason they call her a "mama bear"

So whatever is needed, whatever the cost may be
We will get the baby to NY to be seen

And even though mommy can only be in one place
Her heart and her love multiply; it's a grace.

Early tomorrow we will catch our flight 
So to all: please keep praying! And have a great night!

1 comment:

Jeff Frazee said...

And after all of that... you're still creative! What a grace.
Love you guys.