Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Elijah's exam

It's so hard, because it can start to feel a little like one step forward, one step back.
But that is why it is so important for us to think: marathon, not sprint!  This will be a long road for Elijah. And with his genetic
mutation, it just means he will need to be watched for the rest of his life.  Today's appointment was a good reminder, though. All of the time, effort, and resources going towards his treatment right now is so worth it. For moments like these:
When he does his nose-crinkle smile because he can SEE me!!!!! :-)

So, no new tumors this time!!! One of his old tumors is growing again (not the same one as last time).  This is the one that is in his central field of vision.  So, they need to be careful not to just blast away with laser! But they did treat with laser today, and went back and injected the green dye to hopefully make the treatment more effective.

His doctor gave some perspective: we could absolutely cure him of cancer right now....by removing his other eye.  However, all the time and effort and flights....all the treatments he goes through are because he can see, and we would like to retain that ability to see if it is possible, without putting his life at risk.

Someone asked me at some point in this journey why it mattered so much that he lost his other eye.  Two main things came to mind: one, without his prosthetic, it's like a wound that will never heal. I don't know how to explain it any better than that. It's a constant reminder that something was there, but it has been removed.  There's a void. 
And secondly, if you have ever seen me parent my children....I probably say about 50 times a day, "Look at mommy's eyes." There a connection that happens when you look someone in the eye.  

I love that Elijah can see-especially since his first few months, he wasn't very responsive and I wasn't sure if he could see.  But we just take each look, each nose-crinkle smile response to our faces, as a gift.

There's an old hymn that I sing to Elijah all the time.  The last lines strike me every time:

Be still, my soul; thy Jesus can repay
From His own fulness all He takes away.

Today, we are thankful that he can see with his left eye, and we pray that his remaining eye and vision can be saved.  And we remind ourselves that Jesus is the greatest treasure.

Hope you all have a nose-crinkle smile kind of day.

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