Tuesday, November 03, 2015

My sincere apologies....

To all who are staying at the Ronald McDonald house, especially those on the same floor as Elijah and I. :)
It's always a rough night after all the traveling, adjusting to a new time zone, and preparing to be up early (with no food) for anesthesia.  Elijah did NOT want to sleep in his crib. He also didn't want to sleep much with me either, but did better that way. :) 
By 5:30am, I decided we just needed to get out and walk. As soon as we were moving, Elijah did much better. Now, we are just waiting for his appointment.
Good morning New York!!!! There's something so comforting about the sunrise.  It's like a breath-taking reminder that there is so much more going on than just you and your life. It is a reminder that whatever darkness or difficulty the night has brought, the morning will come with new light and perspective.  And everything that has seemed still and inactive bursts forth with life.
Good morning!

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