Sunday, October 26, 2014

Noah Benjamin, age 8

My dear Noah Benjamin,
     You are eight years old!!!! There really aren't enough words to say what you bring to our family. You experience just about every emotion to an exponential degree. Because of this, you are one of the most snugly and cuddly boys I know. You are a dreamer, for sure! You are so very loving and thoughtful. 
     Your joy is so full and so abundant that you love including others in it (this is one of the ways I love seeing you reflect the heart of our God).  When we did your "last hoorah" of candy before you got your braces on, you very happily shared your candy with all your siblings. Down to the very last piece.  
When you got your new scooter for your birthday, within minutes, you allowed Judah to take it for a spin because you wanted him to share in the fun too.
     These last couple of weeks with braces....all I can say, is that I have been so amazed at the depth of character and integrity that has been growing in you. You have borne each sacrifice with such honor, and such grace. It's not easy being faced with a long list of: you can't eat.....  But you, son, have been SO faithful to not eat the items you have been asked not to, even if you were given an "out." You have remained faithful and true, even when it meant forgoing both snack and treats at church. All this to say: we are so proud of you, and of the character God is building in you. It seems that these moments that have gathered up into days, which have gathered up into weeks, and months, and now eight years!!!! Well, they have begun to produce a harvest. It is amazing to see the fruit that God is producing in you. Is it encouraging and inspiring.
     And so Noah.  This year, we pray that you would continue in the steadfast love of our Savior. We pray that you would know what is the height and depth and width and length of God's love for you in Christ. We pray that you would continue to be captivated by the joy that Jesus came to give you-it is full, and complete, and it is meant to spill over on to all those around you. We pray that the light of Christ would shine ever brighter in you, and from that amazing smile of yours.  And we pray that you would continue to DREAM BIG for God's glory and His Kingdom. We love you Noah Benjamin.
For the King! And His Kingdom!!!
With love,
Mommy and Daddy

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