Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Most days....life is crazy. You find yourself just wanting to take a breath for a moment. Life, these days, is just....FULL. For everyone. The hustle and bustle. The classes and the appointments and the activities that we all think are so necessary.
It's easy to miss the *holiness* of each moment.  Every once in a while, God gives us this beautiful sense that stops us in our very tracks and reminds us to "take off our sandals", because the ground we are on is holy. Something is happening that we can't always taste or see or measure. 
Little tiny fingers are learning to fold in reference. Little tiny mouths are learning to say "Amen"....and there is an awareness that their childlike declaration of "let it be so" carries heavenly weight. The voices of children are lifting up simple prayers that are more profound than you thought possible.  Sweet boys give up play time to push little sisters on swings.
Things are happening.
I don't want to miss it. So today, I won't hustle and bustle. Today, I will choose to take off my sandals and bask in the holiness of the moment. Today, I am asking God to help me look not to the things that are seen (which include messes and squabbles), but on the things that are unseen.  BECAUSE..."the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal." (2 Cor. 4:18)

Oh Lord! Give me eyes to see what is eternal today. My soul craves what is unseen...that holy ground where the mountains are moved by the smallest seeds of faith. There are so many things I get wrong. But today, I'm digging my toes into this holy ground. I'm slowing down. I'm seeing....with my heart. And I'm thankful.....

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Anonymous said...

If we have faith , we trust God and if we trust God we have everything in life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words of wisdom.