Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ezra the Great!

Six years old!!!! Sporting his new tool pouch.

Oh Ezra Lucas Knight Hester,
     I wish I had the words to say how much you bring to our family. And to me personally. I have learned more about the love and grace of God than ever. You are sometimes, a little challenging to parent. But it is not because you are a bad is because you are extraordinary. Once you set your mind on something, you simply must do it. (Many times, regardless of the consequences). And although this presents some challenges for a mom of a (now) six year old, it would be sad if I did not recognize how amazing this quality is in the heart of a young man.
     You are such a hard worker. I can give you tasks beyond your years because you will work SO hard. You have amazing initiative. At this stage in life, that works against me sometimes. But later, and even now at times, it is unbelievable how you can recognize when something needs to be done and go about doing it all on your own.
     You love big. Your spicy little sister loves you so much and frequently calls out for you when you aren't close by.  You pull Evelyn up into your lap and read books to her.
     You are super smart. At just now six years old, you are working at about a third grade level across the board. It is such a balance because you have LOTS of energy in that body of yours, and I have to remind myself to keep both your body and your mind stimulated and a little challenged in order to *help* you stay out of trouble.
     Some of your favorite time with Mommy or Daddy is when we read your special book, His Mighty Warrior.  This has been an invaluable resource as a devotional, and as an encouragement for your sweet heart as a warrior, and servant of the Most High King.
     This year, we pray that you would grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We pray that you would be surprised with joy at how wonderful it is to serve so great a King. We pray that your heart of love and service will grow.  And I pray personally, that I will love and serve you as your mom in such deep ways that you will always know how much you are loved by the Father.
     We are so thankful for all that you bring to our family, Ezra!!! 
For the King! And the Kingdom!
With great love,

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