Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Last hoorah!

Well, tomorrow is a big day for Noah Benjamin. He's getting braces!!!
We absolutely love Emma's orthodontist office. They are fantastic! One of the reasons we love them so much is that they have been really honest with us. We were told by another orthodontist that Emma needed to go ahead and get braces on about 2 years ago.  Fortunately, her current orthodontist has said it's totally ok to wait.
I showed him a picture of Noah at her last appointment and he said to go ahead and bring him in.
Imagine my shock when they said he needs braces!!! He needed to have a tooth pulled (which happened last week), and then he will be ready to get his braces on. His situation just happened to be different than Emma's, and was in need of some attention a little sooner. (So, I guess now it is our family's orthodontist office).

Anyhow! The point is, that when we became aware of all the foods that Noah probably wouldn't be able to have while his braces are on....
And since it all came up sort of suddenly...
And since he is still a young guy....
We decided to have a "last hoorah!"
We took him to the candy store and let him choose many of the things he won't be able to have this next year or so.
He was such a kind brother to share his candy with all his siblings. And after all that candy he said on the way home, "I'm hungry!!! But for something HEALTHY!!!"
We were delighted to honor that request too. ;-)

Noah Benjamin, we are so proud of you and your courage moving forward. We want to take good care of you during this new adventure!!!
Mommy and Daddy

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