Monday, October 06, 2014


This man is a very loved man. :-) 
Ben Hester, we honor you in the Lord. You work SO hard to care for us. Not just everyday at work...but everyday at home. With six kids and a pregnant wife, you just never know what you will come home too. ;-p
But you are faithful, and steadfast to jump in.
I appreciate your selfless service to our family so much.  But one of the things I appreciate the most about you (and there are MANY!).... Is that our kids know what it is to fall asleep almost every night to the sound of their Daddy, reading God's Word and wonderful stories. They have had the incredible privilege of hearing tales told through the voice of their father....some even with accents. ;-)
When I look back, I see how all those nights, all those readings of Scripture, all those stories, have been anchors for our souls and for our family. We have been inspired together to serve the One True King....led faithfully by you.
I do not know what plans God has yet in store for our family....but, I'm so thankful that you are our leader.
And while the world sees the craziness of all these little people....I see the fullness of a life overflowing with the love of a child....times six plus this new little one to come. And let's face it: our life is crazy. Sometimes, overwhelming. But there is one thing that is most definitely evident: you are so loved. Thank you for loving us. We are so glad you were born.
Happy birthday my love.

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