Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Tough One... Top Read Alouds

My friend Kristen did this post on her top 11 read alouds here. I thought it would be fun to do this post as well.... although, this is very difficult for me. So, I'll just mention some of the books that we have loved and read, and try not to duplicate any from Kristen's list. I do want to agree heartily-I have had tears running down my face as my husband reads the voice of Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia. And we laughed so hard at Mr. Popper's Penguins. Nonetheless, here is my list:
1. God King-historical fiction set in the time of Ancient Egypt, around the time King Hezekiah ruled in Israel.
Honorable mention for this same time period goes to The Golden Goblet and Shadow Hawk.
2. Hittite Warrior-historical fiction set during the time of the Judges.
3. Adara-historical fiction surrounding Naaman's servant girl, who tells of a prophet in Israel.
4. Forbidden Gates-I love the picture this one gives of Jewish customs. A young Jewish boy goes against Jewish law to get a Gentile closer to the temple...
5. Out of Darkness- A young Jewish boy (whose mother is ill) befriends a Roman beggar boy who is blind. Together, they hear rumors of a man from Nazareth who can heal.
6. Follow My Leader-a tale of a young boy, blinded in an accident, hoping to get a dog who can help him "see."
7. YWAM biographies- Some of our favorites were George Muller, Hudson Taylor, and Corrie ten Boom.
8. The Hedge of Thorns-a beautiful tale of a young boy and his sister who learn that God lovingly places protective hedges in our lives.
9. Just David-by the same author as Pollyanna
10. The Bronze Bow- another book set in the time of Ancient Rome.

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Kristen said...

OH I love this list!!! SO many new ones for me to add to my library stash :) Thank you so much! Miss you and think of you often!