Monday, November 28, 2011


"Mom! There's just no such thing as magic!!" giggled Noah, as he smiled at me.
I leaned across the table and whispered to him, "I think it's magical when you are standing outside and it starts snowing on you for the first time in your life."
"That's not magic! Jesus did it!!" Noah replies.
"Oh, but don't you see? Jesus is the only one who can do the most magical things!!"
Hmmm.... like, tasting something for the first time that it so amazing. Like Candy Cane Lane tea with a little bit of cream and sugar.
We've obviously done some teaching on magic with the kids.... and it is hard because there are some kind of dark, yucky things when you dive into the world of magic. But, especially during this beautiful, amazing, MAGICAL, season.... I don't want them to miss the wonder, the beauty, the mystery of Emmanuel, God with us.

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