Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Col-do-rado.... (part 1)

As Ezra likes to call it. I just got around to downloading all the pictures on my camera.
The beautiful porch where we enjoyed prayer times, worship times, and where I wanted to be all the time. :)
ATV Fun!!!!
Exploring and learning....
The zip line!!!
I made boxes for the kids that they got in thecar once we got to Flagstaff. Ben made fun of me for putting pipe cleaners in the box... but they got super creative with them. Here is Caleb's "padawon braid".
Turquoise shirt day... with this many kids, you gotta keep track of them however you can!!!
Fun in Dolores, CO. Played at an amazing park, then Emma and Caleb learned to skip rocks in the river....
Daddy teaching gun safety with the BB gun.
Night Hike!!!
Maroon shirt day...
The bow and arrow!!

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stephanie said...

fun pictures! looks like a great time.