Friday, November 18, 2011

Dear Judah,

You are absolutely adorable!! I mean, look at yourself in these jeans and the little puffer vest. An abundance of cuteness. But do you see here?
This is you and brother Ezra in my bed.
And this is you asleep in my arms.
You are so very tired. You eat tons of baby food and people food, you have two bottom teeth, and your two top ones are just about to poke through. You are into everything because you can "crawl" around, still mostly commando crawl. It is just a suggestion, but, now that you are 8 months old, I really think that adding sleep into our nightly routine could be helpful for everyone all around. Thanks!


stephanie said...

oh boy, oh boy... this causes me a small measure of anxiety. i'm never going to sleep again, am i?

the jenkins said...

Lisa!! I did not know you were a we can be blogger friends :)