Monday, May 07, 2007

More Garage Sales, Moving AGAIN, and a Last-Minute Birthday

So, we were searching for a dresser for the kids room, and maybe one for our room. No such luck, but that is usually the way it goes with garage don't find what you do need, and you find what you don't necessarily need. But, we got a great sand and water table for $8, with all the know, those fishing poles and fish from Lakeshore, and some other sharks, fish, and things to float. The kids love it!! We also got a Childcraft wooden lego table, you know, the one that stores all the Legos inside, and has the lego top for $20. So, the kids are enjoying it, and as most of you know, I needed Emma's bookcase as clothes storage, so we haven't started repainting or stenciling yet.

We moved again. I had never moved in my life until I got married...which was almost 7 and a half years ago now. In that time, we have now moved for the seventh time. So there you go, you'd think we would be really good at it by now, but I am not sure we are. We are almost settled, but in general it will take a while I am sure. However, all I can say is that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the way our Lord has provided. Everything has been taken care of...we have a place to live, we have phone service and now internet as of today, and even brand new trash cans because the old ones were really gross, and I figured if we have to pay for trash service I might as well ask for new ones. And they granted my request. So thank you God, for your incredible work on our behalf. Thank you friends and family for your prayers and tears, and for rejoicing with us.

So, we had some family over yesterday for a last minute celebration of Emma's 4th birthday. Caleb's favorite part, "Uh, blowing cakes?" So hey, I only came close to tears once, and that was as Emma was eating her birthday cake, and I was overwhelmed that she is four now...She's growing up and I can't stop it, but I just want to hold her and love her...

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rebecca said...

Happy birthday, Emma! If Jonah were there he would probably give you his favorite dinosaur. :)