Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Garage Sales are GREAT!

So, I have still been looking for a dresser, and of course, that is not what I found. What I did find:
A brand new stainless steel tea kettle, $5.00
A skate board for Caleb, $3.00, and one for cousin Ethan (last name NASH) with NASH in letters on the front ($5.00)
A tea set for Emma, $4.00
A beautiful silver plated teapot, cream, sugar, and platter...was for Emma, until I found the other one, then became MOMMY'S treasure...$7.00
Gotta love it.
There was a really neat Family Festival at Libbey Park on Saturday, so we took the kids. Everything was free, they had tons of activities, and the kids got free helmets and toothbrushes. They even got to play at the park and see lots of friends. At dinner time, we were all saying what we were thankful for. What won? The skateboard, the tea set, and oh yes, the new toothbrushes. Life is good. (Daddy being home got honorable mention)


ATSmith said...

How do you pick which garage sales you are going to go to? It sounds like fun ... I haven't been in so long.

hestermom said...

Well, that is what I think garage sales are...treasure hunts. So, many times I find nothing! But the Friday edition of the Ojai paper has garage sale listings and a map. We usually drive by the ones that seem interesting, plus there's always stuff at "Hidden Treasures", the new second hand store across from Westridge Market. Happy Treasure Hunting!!

rebecca said...

Garage sales around here aren't very fun. All the stuff is junk by the time it makes it to the yard. Now that I think of it, we should try Susanville some Saturday.