Friday, January 09, 2009

Tae-Bo Funk

Most moms can relate to waking up with the feeling. Your newborn baby is not quite so newborn anymore, you are not looking super good in anything you own to wear, and although you aren't sleeping a ton, you are resolved to start losing some weight. I had the urge a couple of weeks ago, and then we got sick, so it was put on hold. But, I had told Ben that I really wanted to get a new workout video so that I could do something different at home. Now, I do understand that I am amazingly picky when it comes to workout videos. In my defense, I worked at a gym for 6 years, and was a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor. And I had a special certification to teach kickboxing, which was one of my favorites. So, instead of wasting money on a video that I wouldn't like (and there are a lot that I don't care for), I decided to rent Tae-Bo Funk on Netflix, to see if I liked it. Then, if I did, I could buy it for myself. Now I know I am picky, but this one was just too funny for words. I should have known right off the bat that I wouldn't like anything with "funk" in the title. But, by the end of the "workout", Billy Blanks is ripping his shirt off, and I can't even watch anymore because I am laughing so hard. All in all, I did sweat a bit, did my ab work on the ball, and opted to keep looking. =)


Courtney said...

How funny! I probably go through that thought process once a week. I think, "I should find some really good videos to use at home so I can get up before the kids, work out, and be done with it for the rest of the day and not have to drag them all the way to Vta to the gym. I, too, am extremely picky with my workout and feel that videos do not work me out enough. I should be sweating profusely and I'm usually just getting a little warm by the end. If you do end up finding a really good workout let me know! :)

lnstryker said...

You should just get so music you like and video tape yourself teaching a "class" then you can workout to a video you like :-)

Tonya said...

We have a Billy Blanks work out video that my hubby does and I have to leave the room most of the time from laughing!