Thursday, January 22, 2009

I might have found it...

Well, after being a bit under the weather, my new Netflix DVD arrived.  It was another workout video that I was excited to try.  But of course, rather than waiting until I felt better, I just HAD to give it a go!!  Whether or not that was a big mistake, we have yet to find out, but all in all, I think this might be the video I am looking for right now.  One of things that I am picky about is any type of kickboxing workout that has flimsy punches, or has you punching so fast that it isn't even a punch anymore.  This one was not that way.  So, I sweat, I enjoyed, and I hopefully have found one workout video that I can use at home.  Now, I would like to find two more, one being a Pilates/Stretch video... Suggestions are welcome. =)
Oh, duh.  The video is Step Boxing with Kelly Coffey-Meyer.  

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