Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My First Video!!!

We once had a video camera. There is some minor dispute about what actually happened to it, but I haven't seen it since we had been living with my parents and at that time it was in Ben's 4-Runner. If I knew how, this is where I would put a link to the blog about when Ben's 4-Runner caught on fire. Anyway, the video camera is lost, along with all the video we had... including Caleb's first steps, Emma being born and Caleb being born... I'll stop trying to remember what videos are lost to us, because it might make me sad!
Back to the point.... our camera could take video, but didn't have any sound. Also, our camera started doing some funny things, so it would kind of "rainbow"-ize the pictures. (Don't you love my technical knowledge here?) Anyway, Ben had wanted to get me a new camera, one that took video. After so much research that my brain started hurting, I finally got my new camera. So, without further adieu, here is my first video posting.

P.S. It took me so long to post this, seriously, that I probably won't be doing it too often! But, enjoy, nonetheless!


sarahgrace said...

OH SO CUTE!! That totally made me want to have a fourth! : )

ATSmith said...

so great! what camera did you guys end up getting?

Tonya said...

what sweet little laughs! And you know what I actually remember that blog about the fire!

hestermom said...

Um, it's a Panasonic Lumix. It's actually only 7 MP, but with a 12x optical zoom. I was looking at a couple of others with the same zoom but 10 MP, and this one just seemed to take clearer pictures with better color. So yeah, I am just stoked to have it...but, does it take everyone a ridiculous amount of time to upload videos, or just me???