Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family Hike and ALMOST a baby!

The other day we went and hiked Pratt trail, here in town.  The kids had a great time pretending to hunt for tigers and other animals.  Emma was so sweet, she felt the need to hold my hand and "help" me up all steps, since "I have a baby".  It was very touching to see her sweet heart for taking care of mama.  It was a very nice hike, and was successful at producing lots of contractions, which eventually led us to the hospital on my birthday night.  However, once we got down there, the contractions stopped (which was really weird since they had been so strong).  They monitored the baby's heart rate, which was high, and told me that if they couldn't get it down then we might just have a baby even if my contractions had stopped.  After quite a while of trying to get baby's heart rate down, they decided to do an ultrasound which confirmed what I had thought for a while, and the most likely cause of my contractions stopping:  Baby is face up!  So, we are praying for baby to turn over and we are still anxiously awaiting his grand entrance!!


Tonya said...

Wow you are a move and shaker. You go girl hiking while pregnant!

sarahgrace said...

Oh...turn around baby! You can be sunny side up the rest of your life! ;-) I'll be saying a few prayers for you. I was a sunny side up baby myself. :-)

frisky said...

Ohhh, sunny-side-up would not be good. Ouch! I'll be praying he turns over for sure!