Saturday, October 25, 2008

About the castor oil...

Some fun details I forgot:
1.  Ben has his EMT Certification... just in case you were all wondering.  It does make a big difference, because he did know what to do and didn't even freak out about the cord being around Ezra's neck.  As far as I know (but I really can't be sure), this is the first time that one of our kids had the cord around their neck.  (Ben just informed me that this is not the first time!)
2.  Ben tied the cord with dental floss.  Although our pediatrician's office seemed to think that not clamping the cord was a big deal, when they saw it, they were pretty impressed.  Maybe all hospitals should use dental floss???
3.  I had two friends of mine who had tried castor oil to induce labor.  I was scheduled to be induced this Friday, the 24th.  I was not too keen on this idea of castor oil, so I decided I would consult with the two people I knew who had tried it.  They both said it wasn't too bad, and they weren't in pain on the toilet for hours.  One of them said that it was definitely what worked (although she did take multiple doses, maybe four total).  I decided that desperate times called for desperate measures.  And, I thought, they are going to be pumping me full of pitocin soon anyway, might as well give it a go!  I was afraid, though, because I haven't had much trouble HAVING contractions, it was just keeping them that was the problem.
We actually happened to have some castor oil (for another purpose), which is what had started me thinking of trying it anyway.  The internet recommended dose for inducing labor was 2 oz., or 4 Tblspns.  Being as scared as I was, I decided to try 1/2 of a teaspoon.  I have no idea if that is what did the trick.  But, man, if it was what did it... it really worked.  If it is not what did it, then it's just a funny story.  
4.  I had secretly been wishing for a home birth.  We even consulted with a midwife, but since our insurance wouldn't cover it, we decided on the hospital.  One of the nights when my contractions were really intense, I started getting scared that the baby might come at home.  And I was terrified!!  I thought, "Oh no, we have to do this at the hospital!"  This is how I knew God was so close to us the whole time... when we actually WERE having the baby at home, I was not scared... I was at peace, but desperate for His help (if that makes sense).

I am sure I forgot many other things, and they may or may not come to me during the night when I am up with Ezra.  But, it was an amazing experience, and we are so thankful for God's provision and care.  


Tonya said...

What a great birth story! He is beautiful :)

heidibelle said...

Wow... how amazing... I am so in awe of how things like this happen. I was secretly hoping for a home birth too, but hoping more for an epidural for the first time, and that hope rang through stronger... :) So happy for you guys... What sort of problems are they giving you???