Friday, March 07, 2008

Please Pray, and Sign the Petition

This past week in California, a court ruling was handed down that means that if this ruling is not overturned, it will be illegal to homeschool in California. I am including a link to a petition to "depublish" the findings of this current ruling, meaning that the ruling will apply to the family involved in the case, but not to the rest of California. The Home School Legal Defense Association is at work along with Focus on the Family and many other organizations trying to appeal this ruling with the Supreme Court of California. Even if you are not a homeschooling family, I am sure you can see how this decision strikes at the heart of our rights as parents to make decisions regarding our children. Please pray that God will do a mighty work in overturning this ruling, and that our rights as parents to choose what is best for our children will be protected.

Here is the link for the petition:

Also, here is a link to Dr. Dobson's radio broadcast including information regarding the court case:


Rebecca said...

I'm so leaving if they let that pass. Did you see the governator's statement, though? I like him now.

Christine H. said...

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for this and the email you sent me. Keep me updated, please. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

I signed it this morning! Here is a link to some more information about what is currently being done about this: