Saturday, March 01, 2008

Half-Past Three (poem by Emily Carey Alleman)

My friend has a yacht, a house by the sea,
But I have a boy who is half-past three

I have no jewels, no satin gown,
But I have a boy who is butter-nut brown.

My friend has an orchid, my friend has a rose,
But I have a boy with a freckled nose.

O gull tell the waves that I have no yacht.
Wind, tell the wild forget-me-not

That I have no jewels, no shimmering gown,
No satin slippers, no pillows of down,

But I have a robin, a wind-swept hill,
A pocket of dreams, a heart to fill,

And I have a boy who is half-past three-
A little lad who looks like me.

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Anonymous said...

I read this first about 34 years ago when I had a son whom I loved so dearly and he was 3 1/2. As the poem states, I had my son and little else, but didn't care because I had what counted - my sweet son. Now my grandson is "half past three" and I found this and read it to my daughter-in-law and although they have considerably more than I, she really enjoyed the spirit of the poem too. Thank you.