Saturday, March 08, 2008

THE Conversation

I know, there comes a time in every family's experience when they first have THE conversation. It occured tonight for us, around our dinner table. How we made it this long, I am not quite sure...but it went something like this:
(I made a tri-tip roast with potatoes and carrots)
Emma: Yummy! Mommy, can I have some roast chicken?
Me: No...(laughing)
Emma: Why not mommy?
Daddy: Because, we're not having chicken, we're having meat. It's moo.
(Now I am laughing hysterically, I know what's coming)
Caleb: Moo!! That's not a cow!!
Daddy: Yes, yes it is.
Caleb: Well, is it dead? Did you and mommy kill it?
Daddy: The cow is dead, yes. Someone else killed it and cut it up and then they wrap it up and sell it at the store where we buy it.
Both: Oh.
So, I cut up some meat for each of them. Noah eats nothing but meat and begs for more.
Emma: Yum...tastes like roasted chicken!!! I love meat!! (She is usually my vegetarian)
Caleb: Mommy, I don't want to eat my meat because I don't like dead cow.

Wow, things are a little crazy tonight.


lnstryker said...

My parents used to moo, cluck, or oink at me while we ate the particular animal. I went quasi vegetarian for many years. Unfortunately I like the taste too much to really give it up :-)

Tonya said...

Very cute! We've had a similar conversation before and I'm sure we will have it again :)

Rebecca said...

My children are more like Emma. It's a little morbid how much they appreciate dead animals and their tastiness.

Christine H. said...

Man, when you said THE conversation, my mind went a different route...whew!

ATSmith said...

Yeah ... I thought you were going to the birds and the bees. However, how can we expect anything other response from our kids when we grow them up with cartoonized looking animals ...

Rebecca said...

I was on that page too, Christine! :)