Friday, August 10, 2007

2 for 1

Okay, in case you hadn't noticed, food is on the tip of my brain. It usually is, between cooking meals, snacks, and dishes, I spend at least 75% of my day in the kitchen. Anyway, here is a yummy meal that makes two dinners!!

I get Trader Joe's All Natural boneless, skinless chicken breasts. They usually come with 2-4 breasts in a package, but they are very large. With no added hormones or antibiotics.
Anyway, I put the chicken in the crock-pot with Trader Joe's All Natural Bar-B-Q Sauce.
Then when it's done, I shred all the chicken. The first night we have chicken sandwiches, usually on buns with cheese and extra Bar-B-Q for dipping.
I save the rest of the shredded chicken for the next night, PIZZA!
I use the Trader Joe's Garlic and Herb Pizza Dough, regular tomato sauce (but I add Italian Seasoning), then Mozzarella Cheese, the shredded chicken, and this mixture:
1 can organic black beans
1/4-1/2 bag frozen organic corn
Seasoned with chili powder and cumin, and salt to taste (about 1/2 palmful of chili powder and cumin)
It's like a mexican pizza, and sour cream is a great condiment for this one. So yeah, the chicken is about $6 a package, but since you can use it for two meals, it is totally cost effective!!! Okay, my chicken is almost done and ready to be shredded....


Christine H. said...

Awesome recipes! You should put out a cookbook! Do you find the TJs all natural bbq sauce to be too spicy for th kids? It's kinda spicy for me.

hestermom said...

Well, in it's out of the bottle form, it is a little spicy for them. But, if I cook the chicken in the sauce in the crockpot, they don't notice the spice.

ATSmith said...

Great idea! Two meals in one ... fabulous!

hestermom said...

As a side note to this one....just when I went to get the rolls for our chicken sandwiches, I discovered they had mold. (This happens sometimes with TJ's stuff since no perservatives). So, I improvised with whole wheat tortillas and we had chicken wraps. They worked pretty good too.

rebecca said...

Yeah, I'm so trying that. But where is my Trader Joe's???