Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Still in shock....

Yesterday was Elijah's blood draw to check his counts since chemo.  They had already warned me that since testing positive for the flu, it could take longer for his counts to recover-so we were even prepared to have his next appointment postponed.  
To give you an idea....an absolute neutrophil count below 1,000 is considered neutropenic. It is more difficult to fight infection when numbers fall below 1,000.  Below 500, and you are at risk for infection just by the normal bacteria that exists in your mouth and gut.
Last time Elijah had intra-arterial chemo, his 10 day counts were below 650.  And a week later, they had dropped below 550.  Just when we were considering shots to help his counts recover, they went up to 900, close enough to 1,000 for him to have his next exam under anesthesia.
So this time, we were prepared for worse. When his counts are low like that, a fever would mean 2 days in the hospital.
Well. After a little bit of confusion on his results....his absolute neutrophil count came back at 2,800.  This is UNREAL.  So crazy that I emailed all of his doctors to make sure this was even possible!!!!

Thank you all for praying! We are just rejoicing in this amazing blessing!!!! :-)
Elijah is pretty stoked on this news. :-)

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Unknown said...

All I can say is praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus, Elijah's healer.