Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Late night...

Elijah still hasn't had much of an appetite since his Intra-arterial chemo procedure on Thursday.
I finally went yesterday and got some things to juice for him:
But by the evening, he was running a fever so we were instructed to take him to the ER.  That is one of the frustrating things about Elijah's situation--he has amazing doctor's on both sides of the country, but in a situation like this-is this an issue for the pediatrician? The oncologist?  Elijah is sort of in no man's land.  After calling CHLA, the on call oncologist felt that we should take him to the ER in Ventura.  Since Elijah is seen by a CHLA doctor here in Ventura for blood draws after chemo, we also spoke with him. 
    Now the big question: had Elijah's counts already dropped? Or was he just sick??  
     They took great care of us at the hospital, knowing that Elijah could be immuno-compromised.  We did the various pokes and tests which are so hard on such a strong guy.  He got some IV fluids, but in general, just wanted momma to hold him.
     At the end of it all, we were discharged with good news and bad news.  The good news is that at this point, his white counts look pretty good. (We don't know what they will do from here, but right now we are good shape.). The bad news is that he tested positive for the flu.  Not really a great time to have the flu, since his counts may or may not stay strong.  But the doc will prescribe something to help him recover more quickly from the flu. Hopefully we can get him eating and feeling better soon.

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