Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Next steps

Elijah has his exam under anesthesia early this morning. He had had a really rough night, up every couple of hours screaming, no matter how we tried to help him. We were able to calm him down eventually, but then the whole process would start over. I think it was a combination of being exhausted, and possibly some discomfort in his ears from flying. Oh! And teething.

Anyhow! His exam went very well. His 3 tumors are now gone. He does, however, have one new tumor that they treated with laser.  There is a "moderately high" chance that it will need to be treated again with laser when we come back in 4 weeks. 

But overall, this is good news. In regards to any new tumors developing, we are in good shape as to his vision-they will most likely not grow in his central field of vision.  So moving forward, it is continuing to treat any new tumors and stay on top of any *reoccurances* of his old tumors, which are in more dangerous locations.

Elijah is KONKED OUT. He's been asleep for a couple of hours now. He nursed after the exam, but between little sleep and the anesthesia, he is tuckered out.
Mommy and Daddy are too. :)

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