Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grace in the Storm

The graces are everywhere. You just can't always see them clearly. Especially when pain bears down hard and tears blur.  But they ARE there.

Like the gentleman on our flight, who lost his first wife to cancer....but he flew her to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center because it was the best.
Like preboarding because your child has a medical condition.
Like moments on the flight with this in your arms:
Like dinner, ready and waiting for you when you're tired from traveling.
Like Narda, from the Health food store who started boldly praying for Elijah in the name of Jesus, and reminded us clearly that we weren't alone.
Like how there are four kitchens, and rooms are assigned to a kitchen. And our kitchen is named "Hope."
Like free bagels and coffee at the Ronald McDonald house.
Like the beautiful sky painted for us as we walked to the exam.
Like how I was reading Psalm 119 this morning, and a friend texted verses from that Psalm to me.
Like how Ben was reading Isaiah 41:10, and a friend texted that one too.
Like the beautiful room and amazing staff here at Robald McDonald NY.
Like the sweet family also staying here from California.
Like the insurance worker who answered the call of a desperate mommy trying to get chemo for her baby....that worker went to bat for us!!! 
Like when we finished Elijah's exam and just kept walking....we ended up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park.

Like a bus tour of NY, arranged by the Ronald McDonald house for those staying here.
(And those were just the ones I saw clearly). :)
It didn't go how we were hoping. All afternoon, working with insurance and we still don't have approval.
No mama should have to beg for their 5 month old to be put under and pumped with poison in order to save vision, to save his eye, to save his life.
But my job is to advocate for Elijah. And I did the very best I know how.
Now, I wait with HOPE and faith and trust God for the details.
God is bigger than insurance.
I may not like the timing. But if being a mother to seven has taught me anything, it is that these precious ones belong to Him. He loves them so much. 
Elijah is in good hands.
Tomorrow is a new day, and we will see what tomorrow holds for us.

50 "This is my comfort in my affliction,
    that your promise gives me life."
Psalm 119:50

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