Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Make Way for Ducklings....and our field trip

"It was a great responsibility taking care of so many ducklings, and it kept them very busy."

I was reading "Make Way for Ducklings" to Judah yesterday and ran across this line. It was so sweet. I thought...this needs to be up on my wall somewhere--especially on all those days where I mistakenly think that I have tons of extra free time with which to overextend myself. *big cheesy grin*

We recently did a fun field trip to the Natural History Museum. They were having a free homeschool day!!! We had such a great time and it was such a privilege to hop into the car and make the adventurous drive down to L.A. with all my "ducklings".
Ambree came with us which was a big treat. 
Judah had just been learning about "D" for "dinosaurs"....The dinosaur reminds us that "big and small, God made them all."  So it was perfect timing! The top of the picture shows the huge, long neck of a dinosaur!
Emma and the polar bear
Judah and his antlers....
So cool!
The "Nature Lab" had lots of fun things....least of which were rats running through clear tunnels just above our heads. Ew!!
How a rattlesnake sees you....
A jack screw! We had just been reading about this in history, so this was sooo fun!
The printing press!!! We read about this last year!
Lady Evelyn in her carriage...with her thumb
Scary!!!! Hahahaha! So much fun!

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