Thursday, January 23, 2014

Found in Him--book review

Found in Him, by Elyse Fitzpatrick, unfolds for the reader some of the often overlooked truths inherent in the incarnation of Christ, and our union with Him.  
Part One of the book, which includes more than half of the book, is devoted to examining aspects of Jesus' taking on flesh-His becoming like us in every way, that He might be able to fully sympathize with our weakness.
The second portion of the book then looks at how the intricacies of Christ's identification with humanity impact our union with Him.
This is a great reminder for us all to stop, and pause, and really meditate upon the work of our Savior.  True to the gospel, Fitzpatrick refuses to hand out "to-do" lists for obedience and transformation.  She relies fully upon the work of Jesus Christ to produce change in us, and encourages us to meditate and drink deeply of how the work that Jesus has already done on our behalf is actually what changes our hearts.

I really enjoyed the reminders of particular aspects of the incarnation-the transfiguration, His temptation by the devil, even His growing up.  And perhaps what impacted me most in this book came in the form of the appendices- one being devoted to the Creeds of the early church, and the last being devoted to a chart by Puritan William Perkins, showing the ways in which Christ's work on our behalf brings about transformative work in us.

The chapter comparing our union with Christ to a bride and her groom might be a little difficult for men to stomach...Fitzpatrick acknowledges this in a discussion on the masculinity of God.  This is the only portion of the book that I could see being difficult for the reader.

All in all, it is a good reminder for those who would want to meditate on the incarnation of Christ, and how we are found in Him.

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