Wednesday, January 29, 2014


All day, people would stop us to say how cute we were in our matching shirts. I always thanked them and explained that this is survival, people. 6 kids and 2 parents means I gotta know what I'm looking for.  My sincere apologies to the two unfortunate kids who happened to wear blue and black stripe shirts to Legoland that day, only to be chased down by a crazy, middle-aged blonde.
JUST KIDDING, people!!!!!
Being a family of 8, we took up two boats. We sent these four on ahead of us....
We brought up the rear.
So sweet.
Ezra behind the wheel....
Judah and I on the helicopters (I was actually there!)
The log ride!
Caleb and Noah....
Emma and Ezra....just before they soaked me.
An awesome playground!!! The kids had a blast. Ben and I did race up this was a little too close to call, I think. ;-)
They loved this slide!
Sweet baby girl....
This was a fun ride!
It was such a fun trip. We are just so, so thankful to have been able to go.:-)

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