Monday, July 01, 2013

Nine years old....

Oh, Caleb Paul. It's so hard to believe that you are nine years old today. We were very surprised when Emma was about 5 months old to learn that we were expecting another baby. We all thought that you were a boy since my pregnancy was so different from the first.  It may have been my easiest pregnancy. And likewise, you are one of the most easy-going kids I have ever met. When we ask where you would like to eat, you reply, "I'm fine with anything."  When everyone is screaming and grabbing for the color they want, you graciously stand by-willing to take whatever is left, and even give up what you have if necessary. 
Your name means "faithful", and you have so faithfully served our family this year. I am so, so honored to be your mom. I consider it such a great privilege. You are a really cool person, and I am just stoked that I get to spend my days with you (and the rest of the gang!)
And so today, I am praying that you would always know how much God loves you. His plans for you are so good.
I pray that you would continue to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I pray that you would faithfully serve our Great King, and that even more than that, you would look to the One who was faithful on your behalf, that you might be called a son of God.
Happy Birthday Caleb Paul. 
With love,

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