Saturday, July 13, 2013

3 months

Oh baby girl. In 3 months, you have changed us all forever. You are so loved! You bring joy to our home from the moment you are awake until the last eyes close at night. Even when you have a "fussy" day, or a long night....there is just so much joy in snuggling you. We love you so much Evelyn Hope.
For my records: you usually only get up once in the night, around 4am.
You eat about every 3 hours.
You are so strong! You pick up your head, you try to sit up. You can definitely roll from your side to front or back, but you are working on some other tricks as well with your gnarly strong core muscles.
You love to smile. It seems like you are trying to laugh...but it comes out more like a cough. You are beginning to "coo" and tell stories...and believe me--there are many of us who want to just sit and listen. I have left you maybe two or three times with Daddy, and once with Grandma Nash when Daddy and I ran down to the local thrift store. Daddy is the only one who has given you a bottle yet (just once). You took it just fine, but now my breast pump is broken, so we will see what comes of that. ;-)
You're wearing 3-6 month clothing, and getting you dressed is still so much fun. Especially the hair bows. 

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