Sunday, May 12, 2013

To my mom....

Okay, total side note....but doesn't the second picture baby (me!) look quite like Evelyn??!!
Dear Mom,
     There are so many things about one's childhood and their mother that you never really understand until you become a mother yourself.  
     I never really knew all the times you guys probably worried about money, but never let us know. I never knew how exhausted you must have been...especially when working two jobs to make sure ends met. I never knew how it may have physically hurt your heart when I cut my own hair. ;-p. 
     But there are some things that I always knew...and perhaps it is for those that I am most grateful. I always knew you would take care of me.  I always knew you loved me, and still do...even when I made it quite difficult. I always knew that there was a God, and that His Son, Jesus, purchased my right to be called a child of God.  I always knew that even if I didn't get it right, you would still love me because you're my mom. 
     There are some ways in which we are very alike, and other ways in which we are quite different.  But God, in His perfect wisdom, made you my mom because He knew you were just what I needed. And I'm so glad He did. Thank you for the many sacrifices you have made and continue to make on my behalf (I know my diet has really put a cramp in our eating out). Thank you for the big and small ways that you love and care for me even now. I'm so glad to call you mom.
With love,
Your "favorite" daughter

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