Monday, May 06, 2013

Emma Faith....Ten Years

Oh, my sweet girl. I cannot believe you are ten years old!!!! The time has passed so quickly! You are such an amazing young lady.
You have such a special way with Judah, and now Evelyn as well. You are learning so much! I have really enjoyed the time we have spent together with Keepers of the Faith. I am so proud of your hard work in earning your pins.
Oh Emma, I am just so thankful to have you as my daughter. I am praying that we will grow closer and closer, be able to talk and laugh together, and grow together in our love for Jesus. I pray that just as "Emma Faith" means "complete faith", that you would have complete faith in the goodness of our God. I pray that you will seek God diligently and love His Word fiercely. I love you so much Emma. Happy birthday to my sweet girl.

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