Monday, October 22, 2012

"Baby Knight"

Oh Ezra. Today, you are four years old! I had no idea how much our lives would change the day you entered our home. You have literally surprised me every step of the way. God has used you to change me and stretch me and grow me. There is so much that I just wouldn't know without you. Our family has learned more of love (and long-suffering) because of you. No offense, but you do have a tendency to destroy much of what belongs to others.
But you, Ezra Lucas Knight Hester...well, you live up to your name in many ways already, and I pray that you live up to it in many more. You see, the Ezra of the Bible loved God's Word, and he taught it to the people. He was a leader, and I have a hunch that maybe you will be too. :-)
Ezra means "Jehovah helps." I say it lightly...but there is truth to the fact that I have needed Jehovah's help more than ever since knowing you. ;-) But I believe that just as He has been my help to be an instrument of grace for you, I believe He will continue to be your help as you seek Him.
Lucas means "bringer of light." You bring many things to our family, dear little boy...but your mischievous smile brings light and life to any room. Your belly laugh is one if my favorite sounds ever!
And Knight. Well, who names their kid Knight? But I must say, it is perhaps the most fitting of all. You have a fearless spirit that I have never seen before. You are bold and brave and courageous! And my goodness, these things, in the hands of the living God could be so useful for His kingdom.
And so, my sweet "Baby Knight", my Ezra Lucas.... I love you. I pray that somehow just by knowing you, I have become just a little bit more courageous and fearless. I pray that The Lord will show you His beauty and goodness in ways that you will truly know that His is the only cause worthy of fearless, bold faith. I pray that you would love His Word, and teach it to others. I pray that you would bring the light of the World into lives full of darkness, and that you would fearlessly serve the only Worthy King.
I love you. My "sweet boy." ;-)

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