Saturday, June 30, 2012

Last day of seven....

Dear Caleb,
Tomorrow, you will be eight years old. You have been really excited that you will no longer need a carseat. You also wanted to "ollie" on your skateboard before you turn eight. You are very close to getting it...not quite there yet, but perhaps you will work on it more tomorrow.;-)
You are my oldest boy! You were responsible for my first trip taking a child to the Emergency Room. You have given me a run for my money ever since you were born. I knew, when you were 2 and could sound out words like "cat" and "dog", that you would most likely be an excellent reader. I knew, at four, when I discovered you were actually READING The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe that I had been entrusted with a very special gift....and I was a little terrified. Sometimes, I still am. I want so badly to be faithful as your
Mom-to always point you to Jesus, to challenge you and grow your gifts for God's Kingdom. And then I remember that even though you are the smartest kid I've ever known, you are just like
me....a sinner in need of a Great Rescuer. And so, over and over,
I cast myself at the feet of Jesus, and I cry out to Him on your behalf....Rescue us! Use us for Your glory and Your Kingdom!
And I am reminded and reassured that this is exactly what He delights in doing. I entrust you to the Rescuer, Caleb. I believe that His kindness will continue to lead you to repentance. I believe that He is more faithful than I am, and more wonderful than the greatest treasure or pleasure this world has to offer.
My heart melts, when I walk out at 6:15am to get my coffee and I see you, reading your Bible. I love that you said you could highlight almost all of Genesis because there is so much cool stuff in there.
You are a diligent and hard worker. (most of the time!) I know that God has a grand part for you to play in His Story. And I am so, unbelievably grateful that part of my role in God's great Story is to be your
Mom. I love you so much.
Happy Birthday, Caleb. Your name means faithful, and like the Caleb of the Bible, I pray that neither age nor enemy will dissuade you from fulfilling God's purposes and taking hold of all God has for you. I know I'm your mom...but really and truly, I am honored to know you.
With love,

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!! We are so incredibly honored to know you and make Lego creations with you! : ) Hope your day is blessed in every way!!

Love ya!
The Pflegings