Friday, June 15, 2012

Carpe Diem

Tomorrow, Emma has her first piano recital, followed immediately by her ballet recital. These things are always a learning experience-I have learned that I don't like the whole drama/crazy of ballet recitals. :-)
But today, as Emma and I "ran in real quick" to Target, she held my hand and asked me, "Will you skip with me?"
I saw almost a decade flash before my eyes....she was just a baby. Now she's playing piano and doing all sorts of French ballet things. I realize all at once, that I have about two seconds left of her asking me to skip with her, before I'm not cool enough and she is too old for silly things like that. So I say yes! And I skip, each up and down aching in my mommy-body, I can feel each joint pounding upon another, and everything hurts....but this-this is what pure joy feels like. Hand in hand with my girl, skipping along, seizing the moment before it is gone. This is a gift, and today....I'm not going to miss it. :-)

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Jenkins said...

I love this!!!! xoxoxoxo