Monday, July 09, 2012


Emma and her piano teacher, Ms. Sarah Mitchell
I am a writer.  Well, technically, I am a reader and a thinker, and that frequently spills out into writing.  Unfortunately, I don't always get to read or think as often as I would like. Sometimes, there are seasons when you are just living, and learning.  Those seasons tend to find me more quiet than usual.  I've been sick with the flu for a few days....Ben even had to take two days off of work to take care of the kids because I literally couldn't get out of bed. So hopefully, I've been learning... but I have not been doing much in the way of reading or thinking.
So anyhow, there is much to catch up on in the way of recording life, so I'll let life do the talking:
Emma playing for her piano recital
Always in first position.  For her ballet recital. :)
The whole gang after her recital.

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