Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ezra Lucas Knight....

Dear Ezra,
You are three years old now!! You are so full of life! We celebrated with the cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's house. You felt so special. You got to bring cupcakes for snack to your class of friends at Group Solutions. On the morning of your birthday, you went with Daddy to get doughnuts. We found a garage sale that had some cool Star Wars toys. We packed up and headed to "Spalm Springs," as you like to call it. Palm Springs is such a great time for you-you basically go from riding your scooter, to your bike, to the pool (where we swim for hours), back to the bike or the scooter, until you crash for bed. A bunch of the families went and made carmel apples tonight, but you feel asleep on Daddy's lap before you ever got an apple. :)
Ezra, you are such a special little boy. Our life is infinitely more exciting because you are in it. This morning, I want to tell you thank you.... Although many moments with you are challenging, you have been such a special influence in shaping my own heart and mind. You have pushed me to the very limits of myself, and helped me to find that Jesus is sufficient and sweeter than He ever would have been had I had enough strength on my own. You constantly remind me of the gospel, and that everything good is from God's hand of grace. You have completely destroyed my ability to perform well as a mom...and in that, I have discovered the love of Christ more abundantly. I would never be the same without you, my Ezra Lucas Knight Hester. You bring so much life to this family, and we love you so much!! Happy Birthday, "sweet boy!!"
You are a treasure!!! I love you, AND I like you.
Love, Mommy

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