Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Noah

Today you are five years old!!! I love to snuggle with you! You have so much personality. You love Star Wars like your older brother (even though you haven't seen the movie!). You love riding your bike, and you have been swimming everyday with your swim vest. You are usually on your own timetable. Sometimes, it seems like your head is in the clouds. :) You are one of the most affectionate little boys I know. You are so very talkative when given an audience. Today, at the thrift store, mommy found an Anakin Skywalker costume and a Stormtrooper costume. You didn't even want to go to the pool today because you were playing with the costumes and the little lego guys you got for your birthday. Even with your missing tooth, you still have that "million dollar smile." You remind me to be affectionate. You are reading quite well for a five year old, and you surprise me sometimes at the things you can read. You are doing well in math as well (Saxon 1), and you love to learn. But, your favorite thing to do right now is to play legos with your brother. It is so fun to see you growing and learning. It is hard to believe that you are five years old!! Our prayer for you, Noah, is that you would continue to enjoy life as much as you do, and that you would enjoy Jesus so much that you would cause others to want to love and enjoy Him as well.
With love,


Tonya said...

do your kids have birthdays a day apart? Happy Birthday to you two boys :)

hestermom said...

@ Tonya... The boys' birthdays are 4 days apart. :) Makes for a fun month in October-both hubby and I have October birthdays too!!!