Monday, November 30, 2009

My Update...

It's always hard to know when you're blogging, if people want to read about the kids, or if they are interested in what goes on with me too. But, I figure that one of the main reasons that I try to keep up with the blogging is for my own personal record keeping. =) So, here is the update on me.

I recently finished reading a book called "Created to be his Help Meet." (Sorry, I still don't know how to underline on here!!) Anyhow, I finally figured out what was bothering me about the book... I just felt like there was not nearly enough Jesus in the book!! She had some really, really good things to say (hard things to hear) about the relationship between a husband and wife. So I didn't disagree with the end point, so to speak, of what she was talking about, but I don't think that I agree with the path to that end, in the way it was presented. I really feel that as I whole-heartedly pursue Jesus, and treasure Him above all things, that He will bring me into a relationship of submission to my husband that will look radical to some, and her portrait of this beautiful submission was a good one. I just felt like there was not enough emphasis on the personal relationship I MUST have with Jesus Christ, and allowing His Holy Spirit to empower and enable me to submit in a loving way. And, if I am submitted to Christ, and sensitive to His Spirit, then I can be the helper that my husband needs.
But, I got some really beneficial things from the book as well. One great thing was just a reminder that the husband is the head of woman, as Christ is the head of the church. I am still thinking about the far-reaching implications of this... But, it was funny to me that I have always prayed that God would cause my heart to care about the things that He cares about... I just never correlated that concept to my relationship with my husband. God graciously gave me a chance to practice this. Ben came home and was really excited about Kettlebells. They are these cannon-like balls, with handles on them used for exercise, and primarily concerned with correct body movement. There was a free 3 hour workshop on kettlebells and he wanted me to go with him. I decided to put what I had been reading into practice and attend the workshop with Ben. As we were done, he was SOOO excited, telling me what great fun he had with me, and that I was his best friend. We really had a great time, and needless to say... I'm into kettlebells! =)

I read Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ (John Piper), which was perfect as a daily devotional-type reading. Each short chapter focuses on an aspect of Jesus, like his wisdom, his sufferings, etc. It was a great way to start the day, really thinking about my dear Savior.

Now, I am reading 50 Reasons Why Jesus Had to Die (Piper) as another devotional. The chapters are really short, only a page or so of reading.
I am also reading Finally Alive (that's a lot of John Piper!!!) which is all about what it means to be Born Again. It's also been so encouraging, and really interesting to be thinking about what really happens in the process of regeneration.
"The research is not finding that born again people are permeated with worldliness; the research is finding that the church is permeated by people who are not born again."

Ben and I have been reading through the Bible chronologically. We jumped in towards the end of the year, so we will really just read the New Testament chronologically, and then pick up the Old Testament next year. But, it has been so neat, and so interesting, and a great fit since the kids and I are reading Genesis.

And last, but not least, Ben and I just signed up for a course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. It looks like it will be pretty intense, and we will be going Tuesday nights from 6:30-9:30 pm. We just really felt like this was such an awesome opportunity, and such a great fit for the other things that God is working out in our hearts. Plus, it will be so neat to go through this together!! I am so excited.

So, that's what I've been reading.... what are you reading??? =) I'd love to hear.


Provl8dy said...

Oohhh... Perspectives is INTENSE. What are you doing with the kids? I am excited for you two to take that class together.

I am reading Lord teach me to pray by Kay Arthur ... rather I should say I am trying to read. We just finished Knights at Dawn (Magic Tree House collection) and we also finished A Christmas Carol b Charles Dickens. I haven't decided what I will be reading next but I am sure you will know when I do. ;)

sarahgrace said...

Sounds like you're doing some really good reading there! F(and this is where I sheepishly admit that I've been reading a bunch of fiction lately...)

I def agree with you about putting your relationship with God first in order to be a good helpmeet yo your hubby.

Tonya said...

hmm I just got done reading My Sister's Keeper...not what I was expecting. My hubby and I are reading together Good and Angry (parenting book) and Say goodbye to whining complaining... (another parenting book by the same people). I am also reading a book called Mold The War Within, that one is really heavy and filled with TONS of info. Plus I try and read my Bible too. I have done the reading in chronological order and it is great!

ruthbrooks said...

Wow, Lisa, you're a reading machine!!! I just finished reading the Bible chronologically, and loved it!! First time I've ever done that, and it gave a totally fresh perspective! I just started reading When He is Come by AW Tozer, and Keith and I are going to start The DNA of Relationships by Gary Smalley. I've read it before and it's a great book. I know it will be a really good one to read together! I love your analysis of Created To Be His Help Meet. I read that a couple years ago, and agree with a lot of what she says, but think you're right on in that we NEED Jesus to empower any change we make, and that as we fall in love with HIM, many other things line up! I do love her straight forward style......(quit complaining about your hubby sitting and watching TV with the thankful he's WITH the kids! etc) Too many women emasculate their husbands in the name of spirituality, and that's really sad!
I enjoy your writing, Lisa!!