Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Definition: deviation from the common rule; something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified.

**Although parts of this post may seem a tad on the sarcastic side, you gotta know, it is all meant to be light hearted, okay?  We just gotta all laugh together.  =)

-a cold went through our house.  I got pneumonia.
-I threw out my back, picking up the same car seat I had picked up every day before that. 
-I had a root canal, and instead of the normal three roots, they found a fourth one.
-After having my wisdom teeth out, I got a "dry socket", which is a complication of the surgery.
-After all this dental work, they now suspect trigeminal neuralgia (this is a rare condition to begin with, but for a person of my age, it is EXTREMELY rare). (see my next post)
-And perhaps my personal favorite:  Last night, I placed my glasses on the coffee table (I was sleeping on the couch).  In the middle of the night, Ezra woke up, so I got up and moved the big down comforter.  In the morning, I couldn't find my glasses.  We looked everywhere, thinking that the comforter knocked them off the table.  We finally found them inside the duvet cover.  They got in through a small opening in the bottom.  

Seriously??  You just gotta laugh.  I told Ben, "I am an anomaly."  My mom said, "See, he knew ten years ago that you were one of a kind."


Courtney said...

Holy cow! I'm glad you wrote that down so one day far in the future you can look back and laugh at all the crazy things that happened to you in a short period of time. I'm also praying you get an answer soon for the pain in your mouth and can get rid it. I can't imagine being a mom of 4 in the throws of pain. It just makes patience and understanding go out the window!

sarahgrace said...

Having been a witness to several anomalies myself, I'm starting to think that anomalies (while each anomaly is different) aren't so uncommon.

But you are right, you just have to laugh. I'm glad you are laughing, and will keep you in my prayers. :-)

Tonya said...

I like unique people!