Monday, December 08, 2008


On the eve of Thanksgiving, we got together at my parent's house and had tamales.  Here's the best family picture:

Then on Thanksgiving day, we read stories about Thanksgiving and ate at my parent's again that night after Ben was off work (Thank you Mom and Dad for feeding us so much that week!!)

The kids had a blast with their cousins:
And then we had another "Feast" at Grammie's house, and the kids got to play and run around with their other cousins.
P.S.  The trouble with a 4 year old who can read:
I was reading the books about Thanksgiving I got from the library to the kids.  One of the stories had quite a bit of reading, so I was "paraphrasing" in order to give them the most important information.  Caleb told me, "Mom!  The last word on the page was "grains" and you didn't say that!!"  Oops.  =)  

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