Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dr. Appointments...

Today we went to the doctor for Noah's two year check-up (yeah, we're a little late), and Ezra's two-week check-up (pretty late on that too!).
Here's the stats I know:
Emma weighs 41 pounds!!
Caleb weighs 38 pounds!!
Noah weighs 28 1/2 pounds and is 35 1/2 inches tall.
Ezra is 11 pounds, 9 1/2 oz. and is 22 inches long.
They had talked about possibly referring Noah to be tested for Speech Therapy, but have decided that first we are going to test his hearing.
Ezra has a little bit of eczema, and the doctor said we should use Aveeno instead of Johnson and Johnson's.  I hadn't thought about it at all, but the minute the doc said "Aveeno" I remembered that... (Guess who??  His older twin of course!!) Caleb had a similar situation and I had used Aveeno with him.  Go figure.  This is just getting weird!!  But all in all, it was a great appointment and we were glad everyone is healthy!!

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frisky said...

When Riley was just a bit older than Noah, he had to have his hearing tested, it was fine, but he ended up having speech therapy and it helped SOOOOOOO much. His speech therapist taught my bro-in-law 26 years ago, Riley, and now I think Zane is getting a little help from her to at the school.