Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Shopping

We took a trip out to the Thousand Oaks Mall.  Neither Ben nor I had seen it since all the renovations.  When we entered the parking garage, it said there were 997 spaces available.  By the afternoon, I overheard a store clerk saying that the garage had been full so he had to park farther away.  We had all the kids with us, and it was quite an enjoyable trip.  We didn't accomplish much in the way of Christmas shopping (although most of it was done anyway), but we looked at decorations, enjoyed walking around the mall as a family, and even enjoyed some ice cream as a reward for such good behavior.  There was a man playing the piano in the middle of the mall, and Emma and I enjoyed dancing together to his beautiful music.  For the pictures, Caleb stepped in for me. =)

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