Friday, September 26, 2008


Well, as far as my pregnancies have gone, I have NOT had (oops!, when it first posted it said I did!) huge cravings that were like, "I MUST HAVE....!"  But of course, we haven't ever really been a family that could indulge such cravings if I had them, since the budget is always pretty tight.  But, if I were going to sum up each pregnancy according to the most desired things to eat, I think it would go as follows:
Emma:  Well, it all started at Fresh Choice (salad!!)  There's where I told Ben the news that we were having our first baby.  After that, I pretty much couldn't eat anything that was super healthy.  I liked Nacho Cheese Doritos.  
Caleb:  The thing I wanted most often when I was pregnant with Caleb were those yummy little clementine tangerines.  They were awesome.
Noah:  Cocoa puffs.  I did also enjoy cucumbers in the Chinese Chicken Salad dressing from Trader Joe's...
Baby Knight:  Well, I didn't feel so hot in the beginning.  But as of late, the only things on my mind are 1) ICE and 2) Seafresh.  Seafresh is a restaurant here in Ojai that has some killer sushi rolls and a to-die for Seaweed Salad.  Yum. 

So, your turn?  What did you crave?


lnstryker said...

McDonalds cheese burger happy meal plain, fries, lemonade...that was the only thing that smelled good, tasted good, and stayed down when I was pregnant with Johanna. Quinn I don't remember so much

Jennifer said...

Oh, I want to play! Cravings in order of pregnancies:
1) vinegar
2)BBQ ribs
3) garlic- I was wanting to eat whole cloves all the time.
At least vinegar and garlic are easy to come by and cheap!

Christine H. said...

I didn't really have any craving with either pregnancy...maybe French fries.

So much fun to have you and Emma over yesterday. Those girls still play so well together, and they're two peas in a pod!

Tonya said...

Ok lets see
GG: It was ISS a sub shop in the town we lived in, sweet bread and so yummy.
Monkey: it was Papa Johns pizza.
Red: I don't really think I craved a whole lot with him I just ate a whole lot with him ;)
Peanut: It was Subway with lots of mayo on the sandwich.

Courtney said...

With Aaralyn I craved cold veggies out of the beans, sweet peas, corn, etc.
With Ciana it was crunchy peanut butter on Hershey miniatures (which, by the way, I learned that if you eat a lot of peanut butter during your pregnancy the baby has a higher chance of being allergic and sure enough she was!)
With Emerie I don't remember having any specific cravings except that I did NOT want chocolate and peanut butter.

heidibelle said...

With Harley it was grilled cheese sandwiches. I had to have them like every other day... I can't remember the others...

frisky said...

#1 any kind of sour candy & Mexican food
#2 anything but salad (which I always seemed to throw up in the 1st pregnancy), The Habit's burgers & Mexican food
#3 Carrow's French Dip (so yummy and salty!)and of course, Mexican food
#4 Sharky's Fresh Mex (every week for our date night... poor Billy)

And ALWAYS, my favorite ice cream, Thrifty's Chocolate Chip with milk on top to make a nice icey crust on top. Mmmmmmm.

Rebecca said...

Hmmm. . . Anna and Sarah: Alberto's bean, rice, and cheese burrito with tons of sour cream.

Jonah: Any kind of beef.

Naiah: Ceasar salad

Ella: changed monthly, but usually included either sugar or sour cream.

And I had no idea Seafresh had such a thing as a seaweed salad! But OH, for the love of calamari! I could totally go for Seafresh right now.